Blue Robot Pot – Bushy Eyebrows


Large Blue Robot Pot with Bush Eyebrows


This bushy-eyebrowed robot pot dude is ready for some fun! His arms move back and forth, and he will be a perfect helper in the kitchen, holding all of your favorite cooking utensils for you until you’re ready for them. However, you mustn’t hold it against him if he refuses to hand you a specific utensil when requested. He is otherwise happy to assist, and he won’t ever suggest that you add more oregano or a pinch of fennel. He measures 7.25″ high x 7″ wide x 4.3″ deep (front to back). He is the only one of his kind. Email us with any questions, he is ready to ship and is guaranteed to be a favorite “appliance” in your kitchen.

Alternately, he could be used as a flower vase. He is quite water tight, up to his shoulders (where the arms attach), I don’t think he’d be too insulted by the downgrade from kitchen helper.

If you are shipping him as a gift, we will be happy to include a note for no extra charge.

We also have any occasion gift wrapping available for an additional $7.00 per item. Just message us before your purchase and we’ll send a revised invoice to include it.

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