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Welcome to Rusty Daisy Art, home of the original Ceramic Robot Pot by Elizabeth Maxwell. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and to provide items of value for our customers. Our robot pots have been a labor of love since they found our way into our home in 2012. It is our opinion that when you take a robot pot home, you have gained so much more than just a new helper around the house, you have in fact, gained a new family member.

Adopt a robot pot

Ought-O-Matic Robot Pot
Ought-O-Matic Robot Pot

Their greatest source of usefulness is found in their uncanny ability to hold utensils for you in the kitchen. Most of the large pots have moving arms (which is super cool), but you mustn’t hold it against them if they refuse to hand you a utensil when you ask for one. They are also very well mannered when it comes to assisting you while you cook. They will never suggest that you add a pinch of oregano or more fennel.

Owners report that their smaller robots delight in helping with ordinary common household chores. Some of these chores include holding reading glasses at a night stand. For others, a robot pot might hold paintbrushes at a desk. Still another, their toothbrush and toothpaste at the bathroom sink. We’ve always suggested that they wouldn’t mind being used a flower vase, although we worry it might insult the robot pot. We suppose the they would accept their role as decorative crock. They are robots, after all.

Every robot pot is uniquely expressive

Leslie with Robot Pot

The subtle expressive nature of each robot pot is realized upon extraction from the fiery furnace called the kiln. The resulting delight and wonder encourages creation of the next, and the next. Every now and then, a patron saint appears and takes home about ten at a time. This can make it difficult to keep up with the demand, and so we are always happy to accept custom orders. It allows us to give the customer exactly what they are looking for, without having to choose available stock.  When placing a custom order, customers can choose the color, sex, temperament, and all kinds of particulars for their personalized robot companions.  It’s all about the right fit, right? Bushy eyebrows? No problem.

What is the value of a robot pot?

Production of robot pots is infrequent but persistent at Rusty Daisy Art, which is by intention. It prevents production from becoming laborious or heaven forbid, boring. Therefore, the value of each robot pot is actually greater than its price tag. The robot pots are lovingly produced one at a time, each unique from the last. Western North Carolina is the place they call home.

Every robot pot is freshly compelling in his or her own way. Each is the product of inspiration combined with varying degrees of whimsy and a resolve to step aside and allow the personality of the robot to emerge on its own. Every robot pot is absolutely unique in his or her own way, original, and one of a kind. Sometimes they appear to be surprised, sometimes coy, sometimes glowering. We never know who is going to show up here.


Robot Pot_Buggy

As we have mentioned, each robot pot is individually handcrafted. Starting with a ball of clay, we use a slab roller to produce a nice flat pancake at the perfect thickness. These babies are not thrown on a wheel, but from slabs of clay. A rectangle is cut and wrapped into shape to form the wall. Where is the seam, you ask? “Vee haf our vays”. We cut the bottom of each pot freehand after positioning the walls, formed into a tube, oval, or rectangle, on top of it. Throw in a few gears and moving arms, and you’ve got a fully functional robot pot. Some of the production details may have been left out, but we can’t give away all our secrets now, can we?

Looking for the “EM” Stamp?
EM Stamp

If you’re looking for a ceramic robot pot with an “EM” stamped into the bottom, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our inspired designer is Elizabeth Maxwell. She is the gal responsible for the expressive beings we call robot pots. If you have a robot pot with EM stamped on the bottom, she has personally fashioned and finished your pot. Elizabeth has always been smitten with mechanical things, especially those involving gears and wheels. Her husband, recognizing the inclination, suggested a robot pot in 2012. Soon after, the first robot pot was born! To show our gratitude, we’re giving him a shameless plug. He is the owner of Lamb Sign Company in Asheville, North Carolina, and he has dedicated himself to this art since 1976. All thanks go to Jimmy for the original concept.

Custom orders

Robot Pot Mug
Robot Pot Mug

We at Rusty Daisy Art, have always had a fascination with technology, gears and mechanical things; robot pots are a natural evolution of this interest. Custom orders are always welcome. If you see something you’d like in a different color, just ask. Check out our gallery of robot pots for ideas for your own custom robot: select your own eyebrows, mouth, nose, colors, personality, size, etc. Won’t that be fun!

What Else?

Amethyst Wire Wrap Pendant
Amethyst Wire Wrap Pendant

Elizabeth also makes wire wrap jewelry. If you’re looking for more unique items, check out her sister site: WireWrapJewelryArt.com

Please leave your comments below, we are always happy to hear from robot enthusiasts. Whether you’re a robot collector or just appreciate mechanical things like we do, our goal is to find the right robot pot for you and your home.